At Our Lady of Hope Greenwith Campus OSHC, we employ staff members who provide the service with a diverse level of life experiences, personal knowledge, formal education and cultural familiarities. We incorporate these qualities into our service through programming, policies, quality improvement and interactions with children and families.

Current Staff

  • Director: Diane Griguol
  • Assistant Director: Maria Cronin
  • Qualified Staff: Emma Jones
  • Qualified Staff: Daniel Luciano
  • Qualified Staff: Carlo Librino
  • Qualified Staff: Bianca Cutler
  • Qualified Staff: Kylie Lowe
  • Qualified Staff: Kate Flaherty
  • Staff Member: Ann Harker
  • Staff Member: Elise Day
  • Staff Member: Elisse Hooley
  • Staff Member: Jourdan Capitanio
  • Staff Member: Josh Debattista
  • Staff Member: Claudia Jenkin
  • Staff Member: Nick Mitris
  • Staff Member: Cara Andriani
  • Staff Member: Nicholas Wing
  • Cook: Gillian Antolini
  • Maintenance: Jim Sloman