2018 OSHC Enrolment


2018 Enrolment Package

Below is the 2018 OSHC enrolment package. Please download, fill in and return all documents below. You must return the following documents for your enrolment package to be processed:

Enrolment Form
Policies Acknowledgement
Booking Form
Credit Card Request Form
All About Me Forms (1 Per Child)

Depending on the age and extra curricular activities that your child engages in, you may also want to return:

4-7 Club Form (1 Per Child)
Movement Form (1 Per Child)

Please note that you must submit your 2018 package by the 22nd of December 2017 or you will incur a $25 re-enrolment fee in 2018. When printing these files can you please ensure that you do not print the pages back to back.


Medical Considerations

If your child suffers from any of the below medical conditions you need to ensure that you print these forms, fill them out and had these forms checked and confirmed by the appropriate medical practitioner. If you have not completed these forms when submitting your enrolment package, we will consider it to be incomplete and will not accept the enrolment package until it has been correctly filled out.