Family Resources


Term 3 Newsletter

The OSHC newsletter is updated termly, it provides the OSHC community with the latest news from our service. It also updates the community on projects, events and important information in regards to our service.

Family Information Booklet

The family information booklet provides parents and families with additional information about all aspects of our service. If your inquiry cannot be answered in this booklet, please make direct contact with our service and we will provide the information that you require.


We encourage parents and families to give honest feedback about our service, this ensures that we are striving to constantly be a better service as everyone sees OSHC from a different point of view. We may not have considered concerns that could be potentially raised or realised aspects of our service that parents and families see as essential for their child.

Parent Enrolment Procedure Feedback Form

We encourage parents and families to provide feedback about the validity and helpfulness of the initial enrolment meeting between parents/families and leadership staff. These meetings are designed to provide information about the service and answer all inquiries. We actively seek feedback to ensure we are meeting the needs of parents/families during the enrolment interview.

Ultra Violet Index (Bureau of Meteorology)

Our service is now adhering to a new sun protection policy that is governed by ultraviolet index rather than temperature. Below is the ultraviolet index alert reading supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology. If the UV index is 11 or above, we will not allow the children to engage in outdoor activities because of the heightened risk of skin damage caused by the sun.